Smart First Aid Christmas Bundle

2 min readDec 2, 2022

It’s Christmas time! As we celebrate the gift of life, consider getting a Smart First Aid resource kit value-pack bundle for your loved one.

This bundle consists of a first aid booklet, an offline-accessible Smart First Aid app, 24/7 nation-wide Ambulance cover and a 30-piece first aid waist bag kit.

The first aid booklet contains general first aid tips for some of the most prevalent medical emergency topics including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Choking, Stroke, Diabetes, bleeding control, broken bones, among others.

The offline-accessible Helpfie Smart First Aid mobile application provides step-by-step first aid instructions. These instructions include illustrated audio guidelines for on-demand self-directed tutorials or for ongoing refreshers.

We recognize the importance of having an emergency hotline to reach ambulance dispatch teams in the critical moments following an emergency. As such, we’ve included an annual subscription to 24/7 nation-wide ambulance cover accessible via an ambulance add-on from the Helpfie Smart First Aid app. This provides a fast and streamlined process to strengthen the link in those critical moments of need.

We also seek to resource you with essential first aid supplies needed to effectively intervene in an emergency. As such, we’ve included a 30-piece first aid waist bag kit with a well curated list of critical first aid supplies.

Get the Smart First Aid resource kit bundle for a special Christmas offer of Ksh 5,000/= via mPESA till no: 5548523 or via WhatsApp +254 777 714 007