Smart EMS Checklist: A gift….or a wagging finger.

We get it! You want to be a good EMS provider for your patients. Why get bogged down in protocol especially when time is of the essence? Why not follow best judgement while caring for the patient? After all, what value is a checklist for a seasoned EMS provider who has had a chance to perfect their craft and can apply best judgement?

Let’s take a look at construction engineers. They design complex buildings that need to have a zero margin of error. Their process involves coming up with a painstakingly detailed construction checklist.

This outlines a set of carefully sequenced tasks that are spread out over a schedule to help guide a myriad of construction activities — ranging from masonry, plumbing, wiring, among others. This meticulous tracking of construction tasks in a checklist helps verify that steps are never missed or skipped and when anomalies arise, a coordinated communication plan is activated with the wider team.

Although the construction industry’s checklist process has not been fool proof, the US building failure rates have been less than 0.00002 percent (US Building Failures study). This is a remarkable track record, given the millions of commercial and residential high-rises that go up every year, upholding stringent standards around fire proofing, earthquake proofing, energy efficiency among other building safety code requirements.

By raising the level of trust in some of the most unnerving construction endeavors, checklists have gone on to deliver complex architectural projects to precision and while upholding the highest safety protocols. It is for this reasons that sky scrapers continue to come up right smack in the middle of densely populated cities with no issues or concerns.

In a medical emergency, unlike in a controlled construction site, conditions can get real complex, extremely unpredictable, super fast. Finger wagging another “because-I-said-so” checklist enforcer, may not seem like a compelling idea for EMS providers. As such, to be effective, checklists need to deliver value beyond verifying that mundane steps are followed. Checklists are truly the gift that keeps on giving. They not only help with the routine and mundane steps but go a step further to include guidance for managing anomalies, guarding against unexpected pitfalls and providing checks and balances so that nothing falls between the cracks in the care continuum. EMS providers…checklists are your friend…checklists have got your back!

The Helpfie Smart EMS checklist not only serves as a reference tool but also helps safeguard against common pitfalls by outlining and facilitating critical communication checks with those in the care continuum.

Download the Helpfie Smart EMS checkist from the Google Play Store (Access code: check) for a trial offer — ends June 30th, 2021. Tell us what you think about the Smart EMS Checklist at: