Road Safety Week Highlights

Some of the highlights from this past week‘s road safety campaigns include: conducting basic first aid training sessions to sensitize the public on the importance of providing life saving skills to assist in the critical moments immediately following an emergency, premiering a short public service announcement (PSA) and on boarding free monthly trial users.

The two-part training (part 1 and part 2) was delivered via Zoom (Facebook live stream) by Brian Foy, an EMS consultant and covered a wide array of topics ranging from how to stop bleeding, step-by-step instructions for applying a splint, importance of maintaining good mental health during Covid among others.

We also premiered this short PSA and kicked off a free month trial of the Helpfie Smart First Aid application, where members of the public can install the Helpfie Smart First Aid application from the Google Play Store (access code: free)for a free monthly trial.

We look forward to participating in future similar awareness campaigns to sensitize the public on the importance of having life saving activities