Promoting a culture of action - a call to shift from onlookers to responsive bystanders

When a medical emergency strikes, often what transpires is that the “bystander effect” kicks in as members of the public (who happen to be a medical emergency victim’s best chance of survival), freeze… becoming at best spectators/onlookers. As the situation unfolds, what ensues is a waiting game to see if someone else will jump in to help. All this while the golden hour closes in and the ongoing lack of prompt care begins to present avoidable adverse ramifications for the victim, their families and their communities.

How can we boost bystander confidence so that in a medical emergency, onlookers are empowered to promptly jump into action and help? No more spectating, no more second guessing, no more delayed care, no more waiting indefinitely for someone else to help, no more feeling helpless in giving some of our most productive members of society a fighting chance.

Let’s create a culture of action such that those members of the public at the forefront of a medical emergency — whether it be a family member, friend, workplace colleague, fellow citizen, are empowered with the life saving skills needed to confidently jump in to action and help.

How do we make the shift from spectators/onlookers to responsive bystanders in those critical moments immediately following a medical emergency? Helpfie provides a value network to help close out gaps in bystander responsiveness. By providing hands on instructor-led trainings, an offline accessible app for on-demand refreshers, convening together 24/7 country-wide ambulance services and making it easy to access first aid supplies, so that the lay public is empowered with the skills and tools needed to provide timely care in a medical emergency before health professionals take over.

By training and equipping the lay public to deliver prompt care in the critical moments that matter, we will improve the overall health of the nation and strengthen the chain of survival.

This is a call to action to shift from being a curious onlooker/spectator to being a responsive bystander. This is a call to action to no longer hold off on gaining important life saving skills, to be self aware of how we’re spending our downtime…no longer aimlessly surfing social media but using our down time to upskill on mobile first aid refreshers particularly when we have an inkling that we’ll be around vulnerable members of the public or may find ourselves in hazard-prone areas.

While we never wish for anyone to experience a medical emergency, we can recognize high prevalence scenarios and can do our part by gaining life saving skills and having the tools to rally together critical resources needed to save lives.

Want to be a part of the culture of action? Enroll in an upcoming training at or head on to and hit “get access” to begin membership subscription.




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