Karura race response highlights

Most first aid response teams have an app….how about a first aid app with a race response team?

This past Saturday, the Helpfie team provided first aid race response at the 2021 Friends of Karura Anniversary Race. The family-friendly race brought together groups of runners with staggered start times and running the various course distances in waves.

Route markings were posted along the course and race marshals were on hand to guide the runners at key intersections. Water stations present along the course kept the runners well hydrated and the eco-friendly biodegradable cups used, helped protect the forest environment.

Helpfie’s first aid race response team provided first aid race response to athletes, spectators and other Karura patrons. The outdoor, open-air set up made it possible to provide life saving interventions while maintaining physical distance.

The 2021 Friends of Karura Anniversary Race celebrates the work of the community forest association and runners of all levels. Helpfie is honored to have served at this year’s race.

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