Holiday Public Service Announcement

The National Safety Council (NSC) conducted an analysis showing an upward trend in holiday motor vehicle fatality rates. As family and friends gather for the upcoming holiday (US Memorial Day, Kenya Madaraka Day), many will opt to travel by car, which represents the transport mode with the greatest risks.

A few of the travel safety tips provided by the NSC include:

  1. Prep ahead of your trip and before hitting the road. Check oil levels, air tire pressure, take care of any repair…and may we add the need to replenish your first aid kit and refresh your life saving skills from the Helpfie Smart First Aid application (Google Play Store) - take advantage of the free month trial (access code: free) - offer ends June 30th
  2. Drivers should maintain distraction-free driving by putting away their phone and #JustDrive
  3. Slow down and stay below the speed limit. Look out for pedestrians and cyclists.
  4. Have a designated sober driver or arrange for alternative transportation to avoid impaired driving
  5. Buckle up. Be sure to correctly install and secure car seats.

Have a safe holiday!!