Helpfie turns 1!

It’s been 1 year since we went live with the Helpfie Mobile apps!

As we reflect back, we are super grateful for the hard working team that has made this first year a success! We are also deeply humbled to be recognized as a country winner by the Global Start up Awards, to be awarded the pitch finale winner by the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology, Kenya and to be named a Covid-19 strategic solution by a multi-disciplinary Covid-19 IT advisory committee, with members drawn from various government agencies.

A few other notable achievements from this past year include building Kenya’s first AED registry, setting up an accredited first aid training center offering a comprehensive training package that includes first aid supplies, a digital Smart First Aid mobile application for ongoing offline-accessible refreshers and an optional 24/7 country-wide ambulance cover.

We’re looking forward to growing our impact further in 2022 by creating a culture of action that equips the lay public with life saving skills and providing emergency medical professionals with a handy reference checklist to strengthen protocol adherence.

If you wish to be part of a movement that instills a culture of action in your community or workplace, reach out to us at and tell us to count you in!




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