Helpfie scoops award to equip marginalized communities with digital life-saving resources

2 min readApr 19, 2021


Helpfie emerged the pitch winner for the 2021 Whitebox Entrepreneurs program. Image: FILE

The Whitebox entrepreneurs program is a technology innovation ecosystem support program spearheaded by the UK Kenya Tech Hub and the Kenya Ministry of ICT in collabroation with Strathmore university, the Kijiji and Circle Innovation. The 3-month entrepreneurship program kicked off in January 2021 with 450 entrepreneurs participating in interactive sessions with experienced Kenyan entrepreneurs, peer-to-peer mentoring and networking sessions to build and expand their businesses.

The program brought together Kenyan start up innovators to equip them with information, skills and opportunities to help move their businesses forward. A panel then picked 20% of promising Whitebox Program participants for an opportunity to pitch.

Helpfie participated in the 2021 Whitebox Entrepreneurs program and emerged the final pitch winner for a micro grant to work with marginalized communities and members of the public who’ve been disenfranchised by a humanitarian crisis and to empower them with life saving digital first aid and EMS solutions.

Over the coming weeks, Helpfie will be working with a grassroots women organization to equip 15 women-led community-based groups (CBOs) and Self Help Groups (SHG) in marginalized communities where the need for digital life saving resources is greatest. Helpfie’s Smart First Aid and Smart EMS solutions are critical life saving resources particularly in harsh rural settings that are not in close proximity to health facilities and in hazardous working and living environments (e.g., mining communities, snake infested areas, etc)

We wish to thank the Whitebox Entrepreneurs program for putting together an initiative to support local entrepreneurs and to build an innovator ecosystem for startups making inroads in Kenya.