Helpfie Free Month Trial & Free First Aid Training Sessions

It’s Global Road Safety Week!

Did you know that the number of road fatalities and serious injuries went up last year (2020) compared to prior year (2019)? How is it that during a pandemic, when the roads were largely clear, the number of road fatalities still managed to go up in countries like Kenya? This was largely due to unsafe driving to beat the government imposed curfew and unsafe driving once lock down restrictions were lifted.

Starting May 17 2021, Helpfie kicks off a free month trial of the Smart First Aid App to the public. Follow the steps below to get the free month trial:

  1. Install the Helpfie Smart First Aid application from the Google Play Store
  2. Enter access code: “free” to get started with the free month trial
  3. Offer ends June 30th

Also, as part of Global Safety week, we will be conducting three Basic First Aid Training sessions on May 17, 19–20 at 7pm EAT (12pm EST) via facebook live stream at

We recognize that the moments immediately following a road accident and before trained rescuers arrive are most critical. This safety week, we seek to equip the members of the public with basic first aid training and digital life saving first aid resources.

Hope you take advantage of these amazing resources.

Your life saving skills could very well be a road crash victim’s best chance of survival.