Empathy: A critical business imperative for success

Do you have deteriorating customer experiences where your customers are constantly reporting being on the receiving end of rudeness from your workforce? Are you experiencing high employee turnover? Has incivility at the work place become so commonplace that negativity is now jeopardizing work performance?

You’ve tried team building activities and all sorts of programs to address these challenges with little positive outcomes to show for. How about empathy as an antidote for most of these challenges in the workplace?

A recent Catalyst study found that empathy is a must have business imperative that requires teams to have authentic responses from the heart and move beyond merely checking a box.

Empathy is compassion in action. Going a step further to show care and concern by offering to help those struggling. The result? Empathy has been shown to drive positive business results. Infact, finding from the study noted that to be successful in business, leaders must get empathy right. The research went on to show that doing so spurs innovation, boosts engagement, helps with workforce retention and makes it possible for people to enjoy work-life balance.

Empathy is not just good for fostering positive work relationships where everyone gets along. Creating an empathic work culture goes front and center in achieving success in a post-pandemic workplace.

Empathy goes beyond feeling concern and care and onto taking action. Empathizing with those in distress often requires hands-on action. Equipping your workforce with hands-on first aid training can be a catalyst for empathy. Can you think of a better way to put care and concern into action? Let’s help equip your workforce with hands-on life saving skills. Creating the kind of empathic work culture where employees feel supported and empowered to empathize often results in employees reciprocating by extending care and concern to the customer experience and improves work performance.

Talk to us about injecting a culture of empathy at your workplace through first aid training. Email us at train@helpfie.com or call 0777 714 007




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