Don’t be stuck in selfie mode — see the needs around you!

We live in a society that’s becoming increasingly fixated on self…it’s all about “me, me, me!”. We’re naturally stuck on — our wants, our needs, our happiness. Constantly seeking out the lime light blinds us to the plight of those around us. Being on the spot light eventually has a blinding effect where we fail to see the needs of those around us.

How do we flip over from selfie mode? Perhaps by getting off the spot light? Relinquishing our tendency to always be at the center, getting down in the trenches and taking on the responsibility as God’s light-bearers.

This new found role as a light-bearer will compel us to find those among us who are struggling and weak so that we can bring light to their despair. As we start to take a shot at meeting other people’s needs and bearing one another’s burdens, we quickly shift our eyes from our self-centered tendencies.

Just as light stands out in the darkness, so can our resolve to be counter cultural in providing solutions to the every day struggles of those who are hurting among us. By stepping away from the lime light, we can more clearly see the needs of those around us and be willing to assist in those critical moments that matter.

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