Curbside CPR Pop Ups & Mobile Check Ups Clinic

There’s a growing proficiency gap in the level of preparedness needed to assist in a medical emergency. Filling this gap will require innovative strategies that equip the lay public with life saving first aid in order to strengthen the chain of survival in those critical moments that matter.

We are embarking on a series of curbside CPR Pop Ups in local markets, to equip members of the public with basic first aid and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training, given we recognize that a bystander is often a cardiac arrest victim’s best chance of survival.

Additional health screening services will be offered by Checkups Medical Hub to check for prevailing diseases that represent a high disease burden.

Below are Curbside CPR Pop Ups & Mobile CheckUps Clinics coming up

Jan 18: Kikuyu Curbside CPR & CheckUps Clinic

Jan 20–21: Uhuru Market, Jogoo Rd

Jan 24–25: Jericho Market, Nairobi

Jan 27–28: Korogocho Police Station, Nairobi

Jan 29: St John’s Catholic Chuch, Korogocho Nairobi

Feb 1–2 Umoja I Market

Feb 3–4 Umoja II Market

Feb 8–9 Kayole Market

Feb 10–11 Kariobangi North Market

If you’d like to have a curbside CPR Pop Up in your community, feel free to contact us.




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