Count down to StanChart

2 min readOct 28, 2022

Race day preparations for the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon are in full swing! Here are some tips for an incredible race!

  1. Optimal pacing: Most people start out too hard with a frenzy of excitement, only to taper down on hilly terrain as it gets hot. It’s important to take it easy and get into a rhythm based on your optimal pace derived from your recent run times in order to avoid injuries.
  2. Fuel up and hydrate: Carb-loading before a marathon is common among runners and involves increasing your intake of carbohydrate-rich foods in the days leading to the marathon. It’s also important to understand your sweat rate so as to keep up with the liquids and stay hydrated
  3. Soak it all in: Don’t miss out on the moment — whether it’s cheering on a fellow runner, catching breathtaking views at the Nairobi National Park on the new route along the Southern Bypass. This not only serves as a great distraction but makes for a fun run!
  4. Stretch those quads: After crossing the finish line, be sure to keep moving…walk it off, stretch and cool down!
  5. Celebrate! Alot of the amazing hard work goes into running the course. With the medal in hand and some awesome finish line pictures, it’s definitely one for the books!

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