American Heart Association Training Highlights

This September, we kicked off the American Heart Association training. Congratulations to the inaugural class that brought together a mix of nursing professionals working in various Accident & Emergency hospital departments and prehospital care providers in EMS (Emergency Medical Services). Participants learned how to recognize the signs of someone needing CPR and the steps to follow to perform high-quality multi-rescuer CPR as part of a team.

This instructor-led training session culminated in a skills-based and written exam. Following successful course completion, participants gained critical life saving information and are on track to make an impact in the communities they serve.

We train members of the public and health care providers with life saving skills. Following each training, participants gain criticial life saving skills with international accreditation, are equipped with the Helpfie Smart First Aid application for ongoing refreshers, a 24/7 country-wide ambulance cover and a first aid waist bag kit with an auto-refill program for first aid supplies.

Want to attend an upcoming training? Enroll at or call 0777 714 007.