First aid training myth burster moments

This past month, we conducted an American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid, CPR and AED training course. The training brought together about two dozen participants drawn from local churches, clinics, construction firms, among other organizations.

The full day training included myth-bursters as participants honed in on valuable evidence-based and science-backed first aid skills. A myriad of emergencies occur everyday. Participants learned how to assist a child, infant and adult that’s choking, how to handle allergic reactions, what to do to stop bleeding, how to care for a person who’s experiencing shock, what to do if someone is experiencing seizures, how to handle bites and stings, among other topics.

The hands-on training equipped participants with life saving skills, gave them access to the offline-accessible Helpfie Smart First Aid mobile application (for ongoing refreshers), a well stocked first aid waist bag and 24/7 country-wide ambulance cover.

Hands-on skills are just one component in the successful delivery of first aid. As such, to be successful, a hands-on training must be coupled with ongoing refreshers. It’s for this reason that training participants get access to the Helpfie Smart First Aid mobile application for ongoing, on-demand refreshers. These refreshers help with retention of the various topics covered and serve as confidence booster since individuals feel prepared to jump in and help in an emergency.

A well stocked first aid kit is an essential ingredient in the delivery of first aid. As such, participants in Helpfie’s training receive a well-stocked first aid waist bag. These first aid supplies improve the quality of the intervention delivered.

Some medical emergencies require ambulance services and assistance from trained EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) or Paramedics. As such, each Helpfie training participant receives an individual ambulance cover good for a year, to bring them to the hospital in a medical emergency.

To participate in an upcoming training, email or call 0777 714 007.



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