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This September, we kicked off the American Heart Association training. Congratulations to the inaugural class that brought together a mix of nursing professionals working in various Accident & Emergency hospital departments and prehospital care providers in EMS (Emergency Medical Services). Participants learned how to recognize the signs of someone needing CPR and the steps to follow to perform high-quality multi-rescuer CPR as part of a team.

This instructor-led training session culminated in a skills-based and written exam. Following successful course completion, participants gained critical life saving information and are on track to make an impact in the communities they serve.

Some training centers have an app…how about an app with a training center! App users looking for accredited hands on trainings can now enroll directly with us. We got together with the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services (DOSH) Kenya to bring you an AHA and DOSH — approved training center in Nairobi, Kenya.

The center will deliver hands-on training courses at INtel College, onsite at the workplace, in gyms, schools, community centers and even curbside in open spaces.

Below is the initial list of training courses we are currently offering:

  • AHA Basic…

What good is a heap of dusty, spiral bound training manuals that lie stacked up against the wall or a pile of handbooks that have never seen the light of day and remain shoved in a drawer months, after a health and safety training workshop?

How reliable is pure memory and judgement in recalling the steps to follow in a high-stakes encounter when you are face to face with an unusal one-off medical emergency? Would you count on your ability to recall commonly overlooked steps, particularly when you are, an emergency victim’s best chance of survival? …

We live in a society that’s becoming increasingly fixated on self…it’s all about “me, me, me!”. We’re naturally stuck on — our wants, our needs, our happiness. Constantly seeking out the lime light blinds us to the plight of those around us. Being on the spot light eventually has a blinding effect where we fail to see the needs of those around us.

How do we flip over from selfie mode? Perhaps by getting off the spot light? Relinquishing our tendency to always be at the center, getting down in the trenches and taking on the responsibility as God’s light-bearers.

Early beginnings: Idea behind Helpfie was inspired by the Boston Marathon rescue efforts back in 2013. A related idea was pitched during an MIT Hacking Medicine competition at WebMD in NYC in 2014. Following additional research, we arrived at key use cases for a lay public (Smart First Aid application) and more advanced protocols for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics (Smart EMS application)

Notable pilots: Partnered with the local ambulance provider for the City of Quincy and the Quincy Fire Department to conduct a crowdsourcing campaign to identify Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in a community of 90,000 residents in…

Kenya’s Ministry of Health recently launched the first-ever Kenya Emergency Medical Care (EMC) Program, and inaugurated a multi-disciplinary national steering committee tasked with implementing the program to provide quality emergency care and strengthen seamless coordination to save lives.

Key strategic objectives & notable expected outcomes:

  • Establish an integrated national and county infrastructure to support access to emergency services through the creation of a country-wide, toll-free emergency access number, standardized ambulance services and compliance standards for emergency departments
  • Enhance delivery of quality services through capacity building, strengthening response for a mass casualty incident and provision of emergency health products and technologies

Been there?…Subscription hopping to catch a high stakes game and thereafter allowing your subscription to lapse?

While subscription hopping provides some flexibility to opt out of long term subscriptions, there is tremendous value in keeping your first aid skills current as these could give someone in need a fighting chance in the moments immediately following a medical emergency.

Helpfie’s annual membership provides on-demand refreshers to help members brush up on life saving interventions. These step by step instructions are available offline since emergencies can occur anywhere…even in areas where there’s poor connectivity.

Paid Helpfie membership gives you access to the…

We get it! You want to be a good EMS provider for your patients. Why get bogged down in protocol especially when time is of the essence? Why not follow best judgement while caring for the patient? After all, what value is a checklist for a seasoned EMS provider who has had a chance to perfect their craft and can apply best judgement?

Let’s take a look at construction engineers. They design complex buildings that need to have a zero margin of error. Their process involves coming up with a painstakingly detailed construction checklist.

This outlines a set of carefully…

An Emergency Medical Technician is responding to a mundane Emergency Medical Services (EMS) call. What could possibly go wrong? In fact, keeping things under control is the hallmark of a seasoned EMS professional.

Truth is, moments of ineptitude can creep in unannounced and can get even the best of us. How can EMS professionals apply EMS knowledge consistently and correctly? How can they be sure that they’re not overlooking any steps?

Twenty first century medicine is raided with cases of ineptitude. Data from legal malpractice claims points to roughly 30% of patients with stroke and an overwhelming 60% of patients…

The National Safety Council (NSC) conducted an analysis showing an upward trend in holiday motor vehicle fatality rates. As family and friends gather for the upcoming holiday (US Memorial Day, Kenya Madaraka Day), many will opt to travel by car, which represents the transport mode with the greatest risks.

A few of the travel safety tips provided by the NSC include:

  1. Prep ahead of your trip and before hitting the road. Check oil levels, air tire pressure, take care of any repair…and may we add the need to replenish your first aid kit and refresh your life saving skills from…


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